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STEM education is essential for the future of your child. According to the Measured Progress report, STEM students outperformed their peers in reading and mathematics by a wide margin. If you want your child to succeed in life, they should have access to a high-quality STEM education as soon as possible.

As the globe gets more technologically advanced, there has likely never been a greater demand for technicians. Consequently, why did only 18% of American undergraduates major in a STEM field? Are Americans merely uninterested in STEM disciplines? Learn the benefits of encouraging your child to seek STEAM education if you are concerned about their prospects of success.

According to a recent survey by the Miter Corporation, only 18% of undergraduates in the United States major in a scientific, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline. According to the survey, approximately 42% of Chinese undergraduates and 51% of Korean undergraduates are enrolled in STEM studies.

Due to the low desire for STEM education among native-born Americans, the United States imports a major portion of its technological workforce infrastructure while producing more than its fair share of top science and engineering talent.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be 1 million more jobs in these industries than qualified workers by 2018. This number is projected to increase by 3 million jobs over the next decade.

More than half of American parents do not want their children to pursue a career in STEM, and only 42% believe STEM subjects are essential for America's future. Although American students appear to lack exposure to STEM disciplines, this does not mean they have no interest in these fields.

72% of American high school students asked if they wanted a job involving science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) responded positively. So why aren't more individuals entering these fields? The solution may lay in STEM education in this country. The survey found that as kids go through school, many are steered away from STEM programs.

Now is the time to act.
If you are concerned about your child's future chances of success, you should research the benefits of boosting STEM education. Teachers and parents must do all possible to encourage children to choose this education.

In 2012, just 13% of bachelor's degrees in engineering were awarded to American students. You cannot force your child into a STEM field, but you can educate them about the option and guide their decision by your actions. Demonstrate to your children that there are numerous employment alternatives, but all of them require an education.

If pushing your child to pursue a STEM education seems daunting, have no fear. You might begin by encouraging them to consider their favorite hobbies and how they can apply these hobbies in the future. The best way to begin is by providing children with books, toys, and classes that broaden their horizons.

The STEM subject is immensely expansive, so it makes sense that students of all levels are attracted to its possibilities. Consider developing your children's interests while they are still young, and foster their natural curiosity. Start by providing them with a book on basic electronics or space, and then urge them to research what interests them. Using tools such as Scratch and MIT App Inventor, you may encourage their interest in programming.

These abilities will assist your child in laying the groundwork for any future vocation they may pursue. Be enthusiastic about their hobbies rather than discouraging them from something you believe to be a better option. Your child may not know what they want to be when they grow up, but an early interest in STEM is a good start.

You are not alone in wondering how to pique your children's interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Nearly 74% of American parents admit they do not know enough about STEM occupations for their children to make informed decisions.

Increasing numbers of businesses and educational institutions recognize the need for more STEM-trained professionals, making it more crucial than ever to interest your child in this field.

If you're at a loss for what to do, there are numerous opportunities for your children to explore their STEM interests independently. If they enjoy learning about robotics, give them a robot kit for the holidays or their birthday. Ensure the package gives alternatives for personalizing the robot and incorporating their ideas.

In addition, if your child is interested in learning more about computer programming, give them access to a computer that allows them to experiment with it. Setting up a laptop so kids may use Scratch or MIT App Inventor to develop entertaining games is sufficient.

If your child has demonstrated an interest in engineering, you may want to consider setting aside funds to assist with the creation of a project. They could, for instance, design a prototype for their idea or anything linked to their favorite pastimes.

Each family must choose the most effective means of encouraging their children to pursue STEM education. As long as you provide your child with the means to study, they should be able to develop abilities independently. You can also collaborate with instructors and community organizations to develop a plan for achieving this objective.

How to Motivate Your Children in STEM/STEAM?
In the modern world of technology and increased skills, a thorough understanding of STEM/STEAM education is advantageous. If you are unsure of how to encourage your children to enter these industries, take the time to research your possibilities. To get started, search your local bookstore for books on basic electronics or coding, and then engage in hands-on learning activities.

There are infinite ways to pique your children's interest in STEM/STEAM. When you encourage children to consider their interests and what they can do with them, you position them for future success. If your child is interested in how devices operate, introducing them to basic electronics would be a fantastic approach to help them learn.

Consider the following options for promoting your child's interest in STEM/STEM fields:
Read literature about various career options:
When youngsters read books with titles such as "Big Machines, Bigger Adventures" or "Flight!," they will understand that STEM/STEAM encompasses far more than they previously believed. They may also see more to these professions than meets the eye, encouraging them to learn more.

Encourage your child to make ambitious objectives:

If your child has been interested in soccer since childhood and is now considering pursuing it in high school or college, encourage them to set ambitious objectives. This will not only be a terrific method to keep kids motivated, but it may also provide new options for STEM/STEAM education in sports-related vocations.

Spend time investigating intriguing topics:
Exploring various themes is one of the easiest methods to start your children's interest in STEM/STEAM. For instance, if your child enjoys studying the water and wants to learn more about marine biology, consider visiting local aquariums or zoos. Learn more about these facilities and urge your children to speak with knowledgeable zookeepers or marine biologists.

You can also stimulate your children's interest in STEM/STEAM by visiting a local technology center, university campus, or community college. By speaking with students about their studies and the various topics they are learning, you may discover more about what the future may hold for your children.

You are not only providing them the chance to learn more, but it is also likely that their attendance at such locations will open doors to scholarships and other opportunities.

Other uncommon rising fields besides engineering are:
1. Healthcare: Healthcare is a vast industry, so it's crucial to determine if it interests you. Numerous graduate degrees, including nursing and physical therapy, can lead to this profession.

2. Teacher: As a teacher in the twenty-first century, you have access to several previously unavailable materials for students. You can now become a teacher by taking online programs and working from home. Additionally, you might distinguish yourself from other applicants for the job by utilizing your teaching or other degrees.

3. IT: Today's workforce is always evolving, so if you're interested in technology, you might seek a job in IT. Depending on the type of employment desired, the abilities required for this occupation may vary; however, there are several chances if they correspond with your skill set.

4. Marketing: Marketing is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. Thus, it is not surprising that marketing occupations have also increased. Students will be able to explore their alternatives by gaining a grasp of marketing ideas and how they can be applied to their own life after graduation.

5. Real Estate: If you are interested in starting your own business, you may want to examine the real estate industry. It is a wealthy and secure industry that provides future employment stability. There are numerous leading companies like Rexez constructors that generate substantial revenue.

Real estate is an ancient profession, having existed for centuries. In reality, homes have long been one of the greatest assets for investors.

The real estate industry is varied and provides numerous job prospects. You can work with architects or contractors to design and construct various types of homes and buildings, or you can become a professional appraiser and analyze property values.

Your Encouragement of STEM/STEAM Can Help Your Children Succeed!
Reading about these disciplines will also give you a better idea of the career options available to your children. Encourage them to investigate technology-related careers, such as computer engineers and programmers, if they want to learn more about how electronic devices function.

Remember that you are the first and finest teacher for your children. As you assist children in developing an interest in STEM/STEAM, they will be more inclined to apply these skills for a broader purpose throughout their lives. Instead of telling people what to do, demonstrate how it can result in better work and a happier life.

As a parent, you know the significance of providing your child with the finest tools for success. STEM education allows youngsters to engage their minds and acquire skills essential for our nation's future workforce needs while having fun with hands-on learning activities. Given the numerous advantages of STEM education, there is no excuse not to pursue them!

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